Airport/FBO Consulting

There are two trends impacting the airport/FBO industry. The first is that the locally-owned, full-service FBO is becoming less and less common. Large chain FBOs are buying them out or they are closing (or their leases are running out) and being replaced by smaller FBOs. Either way, the trend is that FBOs are moving away from the full service model – one with charter, flight training, maintenance, and line service – and becoming fuel-only providers.

The first trend is causing the second. As airport managers are seeing the services provided by the FBO dwindle to pumping fuel only, they are asking, “Why can’t I do that?” Although many airport managers are considering an airport-owned FBO, they need help sorting out the pros and cons and developing a solid plan for success.

This is where Goodrich Aviation Development Services LLC can be of great value. With experience as an airport manager and FBO owner, Doug Goodrich, President of Goodrich Aviation, understands the airport from both sides of the industry. Since every airport is different, he is uniquely equipped to offer custom solutions to meet your airport’s needs. With Doug’s personalized service, he can guide you from the idea stage to detailed business planning, and on to full implementation of your new FBO. He can help you create an FBO that you can be proud of – one that works as a partner and acts as the heart of customer service and economic development at your airport.

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Airport-owned FBO Consulting Services:

  • Concept evaluation, analysis, and presentation

  • Business plan development

  • Development and implementation of a complete set of business systems

  • Determination of employment organization

  • Evaluation and determination of services to provide

  • Onsite start-up assistance

  • Leadership training and development

  • Long term goal tracking and performance review

Reasons to consider an Airport-owned FBO:

  • Better control

  • Alignment of airport and FBO objectives and goals creating new synergies

  • Easier entry into airline support services (a growing profit center for airports)

  • Increased revenue and profit

  • Improved competitive environment

  • Improved link between economic development and on-airport businesses

  • Enhanced environment for creating new general aviation services

  • Implementation of “Green” initiatives for general aviation

  • Take advantage of Proprietary Exclusive Rights granted by the FAA


General Aviation Development Consulting Services

Enplanements are an excellent measure of an airport’s performance but show mostly airline activity. Another important statistic is an airport’s economic value – its value to the local or regional economy in both dollars and jobs. Economic value looks at all the airport’s activity, including general aviation, and is the real justification of the airport’s continued existence and investment.

The general aviation side of the airport can be an important area of development, but many airport managers don’t understand this side of the airport as well as they do the airlines. With the right vision and plan, progressive airport managers will find that they can innovate and develop new sources of general aviation growth, increasing the airports economic impact, through strategic partnerships and airport-operated general aviation and airline support services.

Goodrich Aviation’s background as an airport management company, FBO, and aviation services provider allows us to see all sides of development at an airport. We help airport managers develop real plans and real solutions to all kinds of general aviation development issues for airports of all sizes.

Do you need someone outside your FBO to call about general aviation issues? Goodrich Aviation Development Services can partner with you as a special advisor for developing general aviation at your airport. With our experience in FBO management and other aviation services, we can help you evaluate your on-airport general aviation businesses and create a strategic plan to get the most out of your airport.

If you need more activity or have some kind of problem on the general aviation side of the airport, contact us. We have a proven track record of taking on serious general aviation issues and developing solutions.

Other Consulting Services

  • Tenant Surveys — Find out what your general aviation customers really think about your airport and its services and then tailor solutions to build on strengths and address weaknesses.

  • Minimum Standards Review & Development — Not only are they highly recommended by the FAA, they set the tone for businesses and can help or hurt your airport. Developing a good set of minimum standards are the starting point for building strong general aviation services at an airport.

  • General Aviation Services Start-up Consulting — If you have a local business wanting to begin an aviation service at your airport but they need some guidance as to how to get started, we can help. If you see value in having that new service at your airport, the airport itself can hire us to come in and help that local business get started the right way for long term success.