Cessna Air Conditioning

Enjoy a cool and comfortable cabin in your high wing Cessna with Kelly Aerospace ThermaCool installed by Goodrich Aviation


Enjoy these benefits:

Set-it and forget-it digital cockpit controller

No flight restrictions — use it during taxi, take off, climb, and cruise

You can use it on the ground to pre-cool the cabin (with a GPU)

Doesn’t take up precious rear seat or baggage space, require trips to the store to buy ice, or take time to drain like the cooler units

Cold air from overhead where it is most effective — new headliner installed with ducting and vents (on most models)

Increases the value of your plane

Increases the saleability of your plane to warmer parts of the country and sets it apart from similar planes without air conditioning

One of the most useful and enjoyable upgrades you can make to your plane

No more sweating in your plane

Most of all, your passengers will LOVE it!

Installed Prices:

We offer the best price — Call 607-821-2982 or email Doug@GoodrichAviation.com

Kelly Aerospace has asked us to only advertise the list price, so call us for your below list price

182T    List Price $28,500

T182T  List Price $29,500

182S    List Price $28,500

182R    List Price $25,500

182Q    List Price $25,500

T206H/206H   List Price $33,500

172  List Price $22,000

Dealer, aircraft broker, flight school, or volume discounts considered

Some quick facts:

Only 49 lbs installed

Cooling output: 12,000 BTUs

Optional dual alternator STC available for 182S, 182T, T182T (call for details)

Moves CG aft only 1 inch

No sales tax when installed by Goodrich Aviation — Save thousands! 

Installation time — Two weeks or less for most models (a little longer for T182T due to the required oxygen bottle relocation)

Staff experienced with major modifications and committed to excellence

We make getting your plane to us easy:

— We have American and Delta serving our airport (BGM)

— We can shuttle you to a near by airport with more airline service: ELM, SYR, ITH, AVP

— We can send a staff pilot to pick up and deliver your plane

— We can shuttle you in our Mooney

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