Sell Your Plane In 3 Easy Steps

#1 -- Call Doug Goodrich at 607-821-2982 or fill out the form below -- tell him about your plane, ask lots of questions, get to know our method.

#2 -- Download our Airplane Seller's Checklist and begin collecting the information. (Click here)

#3 -- Enjoy the hassle-free experience.

Here's the Problem

Let's face it, it's a hassle to sell your plane. You know you could do it yourself, but you don't really want to go through all the trouble. You know you'll have to deal with the "tire-kickers" and "low-ballers," sort through all the emails, and receive phone calls at all hours of the day. So you look around for a broker and find their fees are 5%, 6%, and even 10%. You think, "There has got to be a better way!" And now there is.

The Better Way To Sell Your Plane

Loose the hassle and save money with Goodrich Aviation, America's fixed-commission aircraft sales broker. We will sell your piston single for a fix-commission of only $5,000. If you have a twin, turbine, or plane worth more than $750,000, the fixed-commission is only $10,000.

No Compromise on  Service

It's easy to think that less money means less service. At Goodrich Aviation, where you need great service, we deliver. The only difference is that some expensive brokers will come to you to collect the information about your plane and take their own pictures. Since we figure you can do that, why not save thousands and work with us? We even provide the Aircraft Seller Checklist to make collecting the information easy.

Our Commitment To You

We will get your plane listed on market within 3 days of receiving your photos and listing agreement.

We will proved you with the best guidance and advice based on years of professional experience.

All inquiries will be answered promptly and followed up on regularly -- we actively work your leads.

We will contact you weekly to give you an update on our progress -- we communicate regularly.

We will negotiate for you in order to get you the best price for you plane.

We will make your buyers experience as easy as possible -- great support and less friction means your plane sells faster.

We will work diligently through the negotiation, escrow, pre-purchase inspection, and closing to get the deal done.

During the entire process, we will represent and protect your interests.

Most of all, everything we do will be about building our relationship as your representative, counselor, advocate, and friend.

Experience, Service, Professionalism, Price

These are all great reasons to work with Goodrich Aviation.

Experience -- We have been selling aircraft for over 15 years and have sold everything from multi-million dollar turboprops to low-end singles. We keep a close eye on the market and will provide you with valuable information to price your plane correctly.

Service -- Our goal is to make you a happy customer by working hard for you. We make the listing process easy and handle all the hassles for you.

Professionalism -- People want to be treated right. We will give you the attention and information you need to feel comfortable with the whole process. And we will represent your plane honestly and accurately to your potential buyers just as we expect you to represent it honestly and accurately to us.

Price -- We are America's fixed-commission aircraft sales broker and we will save you money without jeopardizing service. Why pay more?


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