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Our Primary Goals

At the Goodrich Pilot Training Center, we believe that learning to fly should be a fun and rewarding experience. We also believe that it should be affordable. By combining a quality flight and ground training program with reasonable prices, we meet these two very important goals.

How do I get started?

Enjoy a discovery flight with Goodrich Pilot Training Center (GPTC) for only $99. The lesson includes about a 45 minutes flight with a certified flight instructor. During the flight, you will learn how to control the airplane... and then you will have the opportunity to fly the airplane yourself! Experience the Adventure today! Call 607-821-2982.

Private Pilot Course

The minimum requirement to obtain a private pilot’s license is 40 hours of flight time. An estimated summary of minimum flight training costs are provided in the table below:

Private Pilot's License Costs To Meet FAA Minimum Requirements:

$4,720 for 40 hours total flight time at $118/hr

$840 for 20 hours dual flight instruction at $42/hr

$840 for 20 hours ground instruction at $42/hr

$400 for Ground school package with DVD's and flight planning materials

$150 for the FAA written test

$125 for the FAA medical examination

$400 for the final check ride with the pilot examiner

$7,475* Total for the private pilot license

(There is no NYS sales tax on the flight or instruction time, only on books and materials)

Although the FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time, most students require slightly more — usually around 60 to 70 hours. This figure is mostly dependent on how frequently you fly and how much time you spend outside of your lesson studying the ground school materials. By flying on a consistent basis at least once a week, it is possible to reduce total training time because your retention of skills will be higher. A conservative estimate for obtaining a private pilot’s license is $8,000 to $9,000.


Goodrich Pilot Training Center has two payment plans: 1. Pay as you fly 2. Draw down account with Pre-Payment bonus - SAVE up to 5%

The draw down account requires an upfront payment which we offer a pre-payment bonus for: Your contribution         GPTC contribution $ 500 - $ 999                 2.5% of contribution $ 1,000+                         5.0% of contribution

For example, if you contribute $1,000 to a draw down account, Goodrich Pilot Training Center will credit your account for $50 (5.0% of $1,000), for a total initial balance of $1,050. As you train, your balance draws down with each flight. Should you decide to withdraw your balance, we will refund your remaining balance less GPTC’s total contribution. We only accept cash or checks for draw down account payments. However, you can use MasterCard and Visa to make pay as you fly payments.

Pursuing Advanced Ratings?

Goodrich Pilot Training Center can help you with advanced ratings as well. Please contact us for more details on an instrument, commercial, CFI, or CFII pilot certificate. We also provide flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks in your plane or ours and multi-engine and float training in your aircraft.

Our Rates

$118/hr Cessna 172 with 160hp, Garmin GNS430 color GPS/Nav/Com, Garmin audio panel and transponder, Bendix KX-155 Nav/Com*

$42/hr Flight and Ground instruction*

* Prices subject to change without notice due

... ready, set, go!

We invite you to talk with one of our flight instructors and set up an appointment to go over our program and take your own Discovery Flight.

Call us today to schedule your Discovery Flight and Experience the Adventure!

Reasons to Choose Goodrich Pilot Training Center

  • Our prices are very affordable because we use the popular Cessna 172 training aircraft with low operating expenses.

  • Our aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art color GPS navigation units.

  • Our professional staff of flight instructors can meet almost anyone’s training schedule.

  • Goodrich Aviation’s maintenance shop ensures that our planes receive quality maintenance and will be ready to fly when you are.

  • We have been flight training in the Southern Tier since 1998. Whether you are flying for fun, for business, or for a career, we can pass on our experience to help guide you to your goals.

  • Your pilot’s license is not the end — we rent our aircraft to qualified pilots so you can put your hard-earned license to work in your search for adventure or join the Goodrich Flying Club to gain access to a higher performance plane with more liberal usage rules. Click here for info.

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